Are you fondu!!? You can’t deny the fact that seeing the communications of the chocolate makers’ fair each year, from the Festichoc or even the Rallye du chocolat in Geneva, you droll over and think: “it must be awesome, tastefully succulent! “. But why do we love chocolate so much? It is an interesting, almost existential question, to which we will try to provide the best answers. This way, you can finally eat chocolate without feeling guilty.

Chocolate and Health

Brain, breathing, circulation: the benefits of eating chocolate are proven. A study has been carried out and shown that the countries where chocolate is consumed the most, have the most Nobel Prize winners! Why deprive yourself of a product that improves cognitive abilities, reduces heart attacks, lowers blood pressure and gives energy?

Chocolate and Economy

Do you know that 4 million tablets are eaten every day and 97% of the population eats chocolate at least once a week? Some cities like New York or Paris even have cocoa scholarships!

Consuming chocolate, especially if it comes from fair trade, is a contribution to the global chocolate economy and participation in the growth of producing countries like Ghana, Ivory Coast or Ecuador!

Chocolate Adventure

Black, white, milk, hazelnuts, rice, orange … there are plenty of chocolate varieties. So, why not just start consuming it as a tasting adventure? Travel to the land of Incas with raw cocoa, to Asia with ant-stuffed chocolate, or to unfamiliar land while enjoying a potato chocolate cake.

The possibilities are endless… And finally, you should visit our shop La Bonbonnière at Pierre Fatio’s street in Geneva where we will offer you original chocolate destinations through our chocolate bar!

Sharing Chocolate

The chocolate unifies. Nothing feels better than a good family reunion by a good chocolate cake… It is a symbol of festivities and it is a kind of a pleasure that unites and brings together and on top of everything we love to share it!

Except maybe from the last piece of the tablet? Milka had also come up to an interesting and original idea about this. The concept: the tablet that you just bought is missing a square. You can choose: send it back or offer it to a loved one. Result: 45% is sent to yourself and 55% to someone else.

Chocolate as a Gift

The most offered gift for Christmas is chocolate! And as you love your loved ones so much, and as Christmas is the occasion of showing and sharing love, offering any chocolate could be a big mistake… So, you only have one solution: taste it! Taste and test so you could offer the best chocolate and choose a chocolate in accordance with the personality’s taste and wishes.

The well-being thanks to Chocolate

N’avez-vous jamais ressenti ce bien-être lorsque vous êtes stressé et que vous croquez un morceau de chocolat ?

We have a one solution in hands in winter, with its beautiful landscapes, but also its freshness, its long evenings and the mood that goes down… But do not pay attention to calories and shape. Having a little bit of fat in winter, it’s always being a little less cold… And on the other hand, eat a chocolate to keep your good mood! Although it is not officially proven that it is an antidepressant. Have you ever felt this well-being of having a bite of chocolate when stressed?

The Chocolate is mine

Whether you’re 2 or 60 years old, chocolate is in everyone’s mouth! Powdered with milk, in a tablet in his bag or in an ice cream dessert, it is described as stimulating, warm, tender, delicious, exquisite… So maybe it’s time to face the facts: chocolate is our everlasting companion.

Do we have any other choice than to be faithful to it?

Chocolate Pleasure

In time of crisis, where having fun has become financially more and more difficult, it is very important to reserve a time for having small pleasures of life. Chocolate is a very affordable pleasure, so please yourself!

In the third century, the Mayas began to use chocolate as a drink. Since then, it has travelled the world, evolved and has been adopted into the daily habits of everyone all over the world.

Good for the mood, source of new experiences, symbol of health, happiness, pleasure, sharing… It does not cease to reinvent itself in order to always gather more people. It is: eternal, timeless, ageless.

It’s clear: chocolate will always be part of our lives. And it is magic because above all, we can all agree with the following: we simply love it!!!

Chocolate forever!

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