Who doesn’t want a good hot chocolate during the cold winter days? Prepared with water or milk, this cocoa powder drink gives pleasure to both gastronomes and gourmands. Original and modern, Le Bar à Chocolat interferes with our everyday lives. Being a new trend in New York and Paris recently, this chocolate drink is constantly renewed. Grand Cru, sparkling and lively from Bolivia, harmonious and warm from Madagascar, or fresher from Java, there is everything for all tastes and desires.

The discovery of cocoa: an exciting story

The chocolate drink history dates from the Aztec civilisation. The first to ever consume it were the Maya. Back then, they called it “Cacahuaquchtl”. For many tribes, the chocolate represented a sacred drink reserved only for the gods. Thanks to its extraordinary taste, the chocolate quickly became a trading currency. The greatest explorers’ travel companions conquered the European market step by step. Nowadays, if often evokes the breakfasts of our childhood and its juiciness is appreciated both by young and old ones.

The chocolate makers, like Cédric and Yvan in La Bonbonnière, like to look for incomparable flavours and aromas that make the taste buds tickle for an exceptional culinary journey. In order not to limit its consumption in winter season, but also to satisfy gourmets in summer season, they have even created a cold chocolate drink, refined and tasty.

A unique place : Le bar à chocolat in Geneva

This trend has won Geneva. La Bonbonnière, mostly presents itself as THE rendezvous place for hot chocolate lovers. Launched since this summer, it seduces by its choco and chic atmosphere. The chocolate masters and their team work hard so to offer high-quality products where tradition combines with modernity. The ingredients are rigorously selected and worked in order to guarantee a quality and new experience. For those who prefer tea, coffee or homemade fruit juice, the menu will surely meet their expectations. And to enrich this pleasant moment of relaxation, the pastry chef, Manon, prepares delicious chocolate cakes, almond cakes and many other sweets.

Sharing, passion and knowledge are values that La Bonbonnière strives to transmit through its art. The recipes are variable depending on the seasons to please the everyone’s taste. Le Bar à Chocolat/Salon de Thé offers a unique opportunity to discover cocoa in all its states. To warm up before a long day of work, to spice up the children’s breakfast or to keep you warm in a moment of relaxation, the hot chocolate is the best option. From pure Grand Cru chocolate, to gourmand hot chocolate, Viennese hot chocolate, alcoholic or vegan chocolate, your senses can only be amazed by these harmonies from the most classic to the tastiest.

Delicious chocolate recipes that will delight your senses

The chocolate preparations come in several flavours. Each ingredient’s use has been finely thought to offer chocolate fans a unique taste. Here are some recipes that will give you an overview of what you should expect at Le Bar à Chocolats.

Hot Spicy Chocolate

There is no more effective way to start the day and face the cold winters than a spicy hot chocolate. To prepare a homemade drink, simply mix 20 cl of milk and 40 gr of dark chocolate. Then add a half-stick of cinnamon and a small pinch of chili.

Hot Chocolate Matcha

Are you looking for a new flavour? This recipe is ideal for you. The technique is very simple: mix 10 gr of white chocolate, 20 cl of milk and 2 tablespoons of powdered Matcha.

Hot Chocolate La Bonbonnière

To make yourself the Le Bar à Chocolat pleasure right at your home, you can find in the shops the Grand Cru Maracaibo hot chocolate 65% powder (and others soon). The traditional process fabrication used by our chocolate makers underlines its orange blossom and cinnamon perfume. It is very simple to get this delicious drink: heat 170 ml of milk in the pan and mix 60 gr of chocolate powder

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