La Bonbonnière


Created in 1921, La Bonbonnière was born around 100 years ago under the name “Confiserie WERDER”. It is already known for its high-quality products. At the end of the war, the activity is bought by Madame Bischof who will give it its current name “La Bonbonnière”, and will give it its reputation thanks to the quality of its chocolates and the service. After that the activity will be followed-up by the families Allombert then Marguerat.

Nowadays, the chocolate masters Yvan Loubet and Cédric Rahm have taken over their work tool and staff to continue this history of excellence.

Yvan Loubet & Cédric Rahm


For 14 years, they practice their art in La Bonbonnière laboratory. As their boss was telling them that he wanted to give up on his business, Cédric and Yvan saw the opportunity to share more their passion, they decided to take the business and give it a more current focus. Our chocolate makers team has always been guided by the flavours and the idea of creating a tasty, innovative paradise, relying on the past experience and expertise.

Yvan Loubet

Yvan Loubet opened his first book on chocolate when he was just 6 years old. He was always in       love with delicacy; he liked to taste, bake, savour chocolate and share his culinary creations with his friends. At the age of 14, the summer, Yvan started working in pastry shops and joined the professional high school of Grenoble so to obtain a Professional Certificate of Knowledge in making pastries and chocolates. He did his training along with Joël Patouillard, Best Worker of France (BWF) in Privas. To get his Master Degree Certificate he joined and worked with the chocolate maker Bernachon in Lyon for 3 years. Before joining La Bonbonnière in Geneva he continued his journey of excellence by working for 5 years in the big caterer chocolate and candy maker house Dalloyau in Paris.   

Cédric Rahm

Cédric Rahm and Yvan share a lot of things, basically their passion for chocolate. Since he was a child, he was attracted to sweet flavours and since the age of 12, he knew he would venture towards the pastry activity. Before doing his military service he started as an apprentice in the candy factory Saint-Pierre in Lausanne with Benoît Potero. He then moved to the United States, in the heart of Washington DC, the capital, to work as a pastry chef for 3 years. Before joining the chocolate factory La Bonbonnière in Geneva, as the same time as Yvan, he returned to Switzerland to do the NCO school and after he practiced his art as a chocolate master for Roset, Pouly and Pougnier.

A factory of Swiss chocolate production




La Bonbonnière’s chocolate makers and pastry chefs make and produce candies and Swiss chocolates following the original traditional methods. Their work is based on authentic recipes made in a traditional way.


La Bonbonnière’s biggest value is using raw materials by privileging local commerce. The chocolate factory provides its chocolate from a Swiss caterer recognized by his noble cocoa and from the local farmers in South and Central America and Madagascar. But for the cream, cherries and other essential ingredients, the factory prefers Swiss producers.



Our chocolate masters select ra materials from the exceptional cocoas. They make a combination of textures, flavours and noble ingredients in order to sublimate, achieve a perfect balance and offer you the best creations of chocolate.