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Whether to have along with your hot chocolate during your visit to our Chocolate Bar, to finish your tasty meal or to celebrate a family event, the desserts made by our experienced pastry chef, Manon, will take you to unforgettable places!


La Bonbonnière, a collection of


La Bonbonnière’s creative and authentic desserts will seduce as much the traditional gourmands as the adventurers whether they taste them on the spot or take them away.

Almond mendiants for the classic ones, Bahia verrine cupcakes for the most exotic ones or chocolate desserts for the chocolate addicts: everyone can find a dessert in their taste in our chocolate and pastry shop.

The Royal verrine cupcake, as a real pastry classic, will surely impress you with its three different textures and its perfect combination of chocolate and praline hazelnuts. For the most curious customers we offer the Carrot cake, an extra soft cake with spicy notes. The carrot brings harmony and gives original flavour along with the cinnamon, lemon and orange zest and nuts. The Florentine biscuits, this gourmand desire for tea time composed of biscuits and caramelized almonds and orange, perfectly wrapped in dark chocolate or milk, is unanimous since the La Bonbonnière’s opening.

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Manon Renauld


If you are passing by La Farbrique and La Bonbonnière in Chêne-Bourg, you may have the chance to see the smile of our pastry chef. Since early age, Manon was inspired by sweetness and she followed the pastry activity after she obtained her classical school degree. She studied at the hotel school of Avignon and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in culinary arts. Trained by the cold desserts world champion and best worker of France, Jean-Christophe VITTE, she worked for the LADURÉE factory. She joined Cédric and Yvan with passion, at the beginning at their entrepreneurial adventure and they put all together their professionalism and knowledge into design of a modern and authentic menu according to the La Bonbonnière’s image. Manon engages herself constantly in a research of perfection in order to offer the pastry lovers an incredible culinary experience. Researchers of taste, she creates a new ephemeral verrine cupcake each month, according to the seasons. She creates original desserts composed of fresh products carefully selected high quality ingredients. 



Wedding and birthday parties, business events, for every big or small live celebration, our pastry chef can make a unique and personalised dessert.

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Give us about 2 weeks for consultation, design, creation and production.

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