Offering chocolate


Offering chocolate, means giving a delicious sweetness accompanied by a gourmand delicacy.
Do you want to make a surprise gift so that you would be remembered? Giving a quality Swiss chocolate that resembles you, you touch the recipient’s senses for sure.

Our personalized chocolate


Whether your intention is to say thank you or happy birthday or to propose a marriage or simply to offer a quality Swiss chocolate, it is always a pleasure. The combination of our knowledge, La Bonbonnière’s delicious chocolate flavours and your message represents an unforgettable gift.

Thanks to our special technique, we can print anything you want on “sugar paper”. We offer standard models of chocolate iPads. You give us your picture; we print it as wallpaper. Would you like maybe even more personalised gift? “The creation has limit only in your imagination”, so don’t hesitate to discuss with us your desires for making personalised chocolates.